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Nutrition Science A Study Of Micronutrients - 893 Words

Nutrition science rather reductionist science is the study of micronutrients. Various curious nutritionists are conducting research so as to identify the probable nutrient due to which western diet is accused to be the source of chronic diseases. Michael Pollan explores different theories in an effort to resolve the issue. The western lifestyle has made it difficult to avoid intake of processed or industrialized food. The eating habits have significantly changed over the due course of time. Individuals maintaining a western diet are observed to be more prone to chronic disease than those who follow traditional diet. The key to healthy life is to create a filter against processed food, may it be meat or vegetables. A complete change in culture and adaptation of three rules will bring a dynamic change. Michael Pollan reconciles with the carbohydrate hypothesis suggesting the scarcity of omega 3 micronutrients in the western diet is a potential cause of chronic diseases especially in we stern society. The rise in the number of people suffering from former diseases results in frequent visits to doctors and purchase of medication; it may seem ironic, but the fact remains medical community along with food industry are reaping the benefits of the problem at hand. Instead of medicalizing the western diet issue a change in eating habits was more practical. The ecological and cultural dimensions of the issue are still unexplored. Denis Burkitt,who coined the word western diseases,Show MoreRelatedSports Nutrition : The Primary Goal Of Sports1137 Words   |  5 PagesChapter II Sports Nutrition Literature The primary goal of sports nutrition is to achieve energy balance by ensuring an adequate caloric intake in the correct proportion of macronutrients (American Dietetic Association, 2000). These recommendations coupled with the need for quality training and adequate rests are the cornerstones for optimal athletic performance (Earnest, 2002). Achieving energy balance is crucial for the athlete’s ability to consistently train at the intense levels needed for athleticRead MoreAn Objective Study Of Food And Nutrition Essay871 Words   |  4 PagesBACKGROUND The objective study of food and nutrition has been extensively studied over the past 100 years, and nutritional science has made great leaps. One controversial and relevant topic within nutritional science, as well as food science in 2016 is the difference between organic and conventional food. While it has been documented that organic foods may have greater micronutrient content, the macronutrient and caloric value is generally the same between organic and conational food products. (1)Read MoreSports Nutrition And Exercise Physiology1638 Words   |  7 Pages â€Æ' ABSTRACT Sports nutrition combines the sciences of nutrition and exercise physiology. It is a specialization within the field of nutrition that partners closely with the study of human body and exercise science. With so much emphasis placed on sports nowadays, there has been a dramatic increase in the research and development of the perfect nutrition plan a sportsperson may need. It is a well- documented fact that nutrition is fundamental to the athletic performance of a professional athlete.Read MoreAn Individual Nutritional Performance Plan For An Elite Football Player3049 Words   |  13 PagesCount: 2397 Friday 3rd April 2015 Fundamentals of Football Fitness Nutrition Introduction In this case-study, the focus point will be the nutritional discipline followed by elite footballers, the reasoning why and benefits adjacent. Looking into greater detail, a selected professional football athlete will be taken into consideration and the focal points surrounding the demands football has on their body in which nutrition plays a major contribution in a 6 week detailed plan. Andros TownsendRead MoreCharacteristics Of Saturated Fats1054 Words   |  5 PagesSaturated fats include nuts, and in a recent study not only were nuts a good source of saturated fat, but they were also proven to improve lipid profile of inflammatory biomarkers. Participants from cohort studies has high risk for cardiac disease, but those who had a higher consumption of nuts and exercised consistently were more likely to have lower c-reactive protein and IL-6 concentrations (5). They ate higher amount of nuts because they replaced red meats, processed meats, and refined grainsRead MoreAthletes From Different Callings And Sports1232 Words   |  5 Pagesexercise. Different athletes compete in different things and therefore require different types of workouts and diets. For instance endurance athletes will not have the same work out and diet plan as a power lifter. Endurance â€Å"The standard recommended nutrition for an endurance athlete that is talked about most is 60/20/20†(Wood, 2016 p. 1). This is usually because the energy you need to be an endurance athlete is extremely high so a higher carbohydrate intake would be needed. After further research andRead MoreThe relevance of nutrition in health Essay896 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿Ã¢â‚¬Å"Optimum nutrition is needed for optimum health† Nutrition can be described as the science of consuming and utilizing foods in a natural medicinal way so as to provide the human body with optimum health by taking care of the body’s dietary needs. Nutritional science studies how the human body catabolizes and anabolizes certain groups of foods to see how they affect the repair and creation of new and old cells. Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, combined with regular physical activity, areRead MoreVitamin D and Athletic Performance Essay1486 Words   |  6 PagesGood nutrition and its role in positively affecting athletic performance has become more and more evident almost daily. Specific macro and micronutrients are better understood as to their specific functions within the body and from that how they can influence the body’s ability to perform while under duress. An example of such would be the stress of athletic performance. Vitamin D, which is also referred to as cholecalciferol, is one of the fat soluble vi tamins that have been attributed to influencingRead MoreThe Health Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet1295 Words   |  6 Pages(Albert Einstein)†.The vegetarian diet has been proposed by many, from philosophers like Plato and Nietzsche to political leaders such as Benjamin Franklin and Gandhi, and modern idols like Paul McCartney and Bob Marley. Science also supports the vegetarian diet, there are many studies demonstrating its health benefits. Being vegetarian means not eating any animal products, including all kinds of fish, or poultry. Vegetarians who consume eggs and milk or milk products are called ovo-lacto-vegetariansRead MoreHealth and Nutrition Essay3549 Words   |  15 Pages | | |College of Natural Sciences | | |SCI/220 Version 7 | | |Human Nutrition | |

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Assault and Abuse

Protecting your child from sexual assault or helping your child if they have been sexually abused can be traumatic and confusing. Many people share the same questions and concerns. Here are comments, frequently asked question, and feedback about the topic of child abuse and sexual assault. 11 Common Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Assault I am afraid of scaring my children by talking to them about sexual abuse, but I am also afraid not to talk to them about it. What should I do? Answer: There are many things that we teach our children to be careful about or about how to react to different scary situations. For example, how to cross the street (looking both ways) and what to do in the case of a fire (drop and roll). Add the topic of sexual abuse to the other safety tips that you give to your children and remember, the subject is often more frightening to parents than to their children. I do not know how to tell if someone is a sex offender. Its not like they wear a sign around their neck. Is there any sure way to identify them? Answer:  There is no way to tell who is a sex offender, with the exception of offenders listed on sex offender registries online. Even then, the chances that would recognize the offenders in a public place is questionable. That is why it is important to trust your instincts, keep an open dialog with your children, stay aware of your surroundings and the people involved with your children, and follow general safety guidelines. People may falsely accuse someone of being a sex offender or of being sexually abused.  How do you know for sure what or who to believe? Answer:  According to research, the crime of sexual assault is no more falsely reported than other crimes. In fact, victims of sexual assault, especially children, will often hide that they have been victimized because of self-blame, guilt, shame or fear. If someone (an adult or child) tells you that they have been sexually abused or identifies the person that sexually abused them, it is best to believe them and offer your full support. Avoid interrogating them and allow them  to decide the details that they are comfortable sharing with you. Help guide them to the proper channels for finding help. How does a parent possibly handle knowing that their child was sexually assaulted? I am fearful that I would fall apart. Answer: A common fear with children who have been victimized, is how their parents will react when they find out what has happened. Children want to make their parents happy, not upset them. They may feel ashamed and fear that it will somehow alter how a parent feels about them or relates to them. That is why it is paramount that if you know or suspect that your child has been sexually assaulted that you remain in control, make them feel safe, nurture them and show them your love. You must be strong and remember that the trauma that your child has endured is the issue. Redirecting the focus away from them to you, by displaying out of control emotions, is not be helpful. Find a support team and counseling to help you deal with your emotions so that you can remain strong for your child. How can children ever recover from such an experience? Answer:  Children are resilient. It has been shown that children who can talk about their experience with someone that they trust, often heals more quickly than those that keep it inside or who are not believed. Offering full parental support and providing the child with professional care can help the child and family to heal. Is it true that some children willingly participate in sexual activities and are partly to blame for what happened? Answer: Children cannot legally consent to sexual activity, even if they say that it was consensual. It is important to remember that  sexual abusers use deviant ways to gain control over their victims. They are highly manipulative, and it is common for them to make victims feel that they are to blame for the assault. If the child feels that they somehow caused the sexual assault, they will be less likely to tell their parents about it. When dealing with a child that has been sexually assaulted, it is important to reassure them that nothing that was done to them by an adult was their fault, no matter what the abuser did or said to make them feel otherwise. There is so much about sex offenders on the news. How can parents avoid being overprotective with their children? Answer: It is important that children learn how to react to the possible dangers that they may be confronted with in life. By being overprotective or exhibiting irrational fear, children tend to become helpless. It is more productive to teach children common sense, provide them with the information that can help them, and keep an open and inviting dialog going so that they feel safe to talk about their problems. I am fearful that I will not know that my child has been a victim. How can a parent tell? Answer:   Unfortunately, some children never tell that they have been victims of sexual abuse. However, the more informed parents are about what to look for, the better the odds are that they will recognize that something has happened to their child. Learn to keep close tabs on your instincts and look for any change in your childs behavior that is concerning. Do not dismiss thoughts that something might be wrong.   Is the court process terribly traumatic for child victims? Are they forced to relive the abuse? Answer:  Ã‚  Children who go through the court process often feel that they had regained the control that was lost when they were sexually assaulted. The court process can become part of the healing process. In many states, there are professionally trained personnel and child-friendly places designed to help child victims through the interview process. If my child is a victim of sexual abuse, does talking to them about it afterward make it worse? Answer:  Ã‚  A child should not feel that they are being forced to talk about being sexually assaulted. Be careful that you are opening the door for them to talk, but not forcing them through the door. Most children will open up when they are ready. It will help them to get to that point by knowing that when that time comes, you will be there for them. What should I do if I suspect someone is sexually abusing my child or child in the neighborhood? Answer:  Ã‚  It is best to contact the authorities and let them investigate. If you suspect the abuse because of something your child or another child told you, your primary role is to believe the child and give them your support.

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Organ Donation and Transplantation - 982 Words

Organ and tissue donation is life-saving and life transforming medical process wherein organs and tissues were removed from a donor and transplant them to a recipient who is very ill from organ failure. It is said that one organ can save up to 10 people and may improve the lives of thousands more (Australian Red Cross Blood Service, 2011). Most of the donated organs and tissues came from people who already died but in some cases, a living person can donate organs such as kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs and some tissues such as skin, bone, bone marrow and cornea (Health Resources and Services Administration, 2013) as well as blood, stem cells, and platelets (Taranto, 2012). Over 100,000 US citizens are waiting for an†¦show more content†¦Dr. Thomas Earl Starlz of Denver made the initial attempts of liver transplantation in 1963 but were unsuccessful but he made result improvements when he moved at Pittsburgh in 1967 followed by the first liver transplant pe rformed by Sir Roy Yorke Calne in Cambridge the following year (Watson and Dark, 2012). 2.4. Heart Transplantation American surgeon Dr. Norman Shumway pioneered cardiac transplantation while working in Palo Alto. He made series of animal experiments which involves cooling the heart, and reducing the number of anastomosis by leaving the atria in situ. However it was Dr. Christian Barnard who performed the first human heart transplant in 1967 during his visit in Shumway’s unit. Following Bardnard’s transplant, there were more than a hundred cardiac transplants performed at centres all around the world, with only few patients survived to leave the hospital (Watson and Dark, 2012). In 1973, endomyocardial biopsy was introduced followed by the classification of histological rejection and by 1980s, cardiac transplantations became widespread with the introduction of ciclosporin. By 1986, there a total of 2000 procedures being recorded to the Registry of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) and subsequently decreased in number (Wats on and Dark, 2012). 2.5. Lung Transplantation Dr. James Hardy performed the first human lung transplant in 1963 however prior to this event, Dr, hardy and his team conducted 400Show MoreRelatedThe History of Organ Donation and Transplantation 1004 Words   |  5 Pages Organ donation is the surgical removal of organs or a tissue of one person to be transplanted to another person for the purpose of replacing a failed organ damaged by disease or injury. Organs and tissues that can be transplanted are liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart, lungs, intestines, cornea, middle ear, skin, bone, bone marrow, heart valves, and connective tissues. Everyone regardless of age can consider themselves as potential donors. After one dies, he is evaluated if he is suited for organ donationRead MoreThe Problem Of Organ Donation And Transplantation Essay2343 Words   |  10 Pagesglobal counterparts. This is the area of organ donation and transplantation. As of August 2013, the total number of people on the waitlist for organ s in the United States was around 120,000 according to the United Network of Organ Sharing. Comparatively, the number of organ transplants performed in the United States was only 11,580 according to the United Network of Organ Sharing. Therefore, there is a prominent difference between supply and demand of organs in the United States. Many consider theRead MoreOrgan Donations : A Problem For The Transplantation Industry Essay1517 Words   |  7 Pages Organ donations stimulate positivity for the terminally ill despite all the challenges that has arisen from prior casual events. Through the correlation of persevering the gift of life to extend one’s life duration period, the organ shortage supply chain may not contribute much less withstands for unethical practice. The transplantation industry process may encounter various undergoes for the supply of organs before having a divine outcome. Organ shortages have become a problem for the transplantationRead MoreOrgan, Eye, And Ti ssue Donation And Transplantation1808 Words   |  8 Pages â€Å"Organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation provide a second chance at life for thousands of people each year. You have the opportunity to be one of the individuals who make these miracles happen† (Transplantation). But, what about the fine print? We are accustom to hearing tv ads and marketing analysts expose organ donation on it’s postitivity, yet we rarely hear the cons. Are we not subjected to hear the truth, in its totality. Or, should we succumb to the thought of the good deed weRead MoreFacts About Organ Donation and Organ Transplantation Essay1977 Words   |  8 Pagesuniversal. Every day eighteen people will die in the United States of America waiting for an organ transplant. Organ Transplantation involves the giving of a healthy body part from either a living or dead individual to another person. (Fundukian, Organ, p674-678) Medical illnesses do not discriminate. It doesn’t matter about wealth, race, religion, or even age. The types of illnesses causing and leading to organ failure are heart disease, cirrhosis, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, hepatitis, kidney diseaseRead MoreAn Analysis Of Organ Donation Essay1509 Words   |  7 PagesAn Analysis of Organ Donation Flashback to when you were sixteen years old. Young, naive, and about to be ruling the streets with your very own Driver’s License. You passed your written and physical driving exams, but before you are able to get your â€Å"right of passage†, you must indicate whether or not you are willing to donate your organs in the case of your death. But how does one know which box to check? It is your responsibility to educate yourself in the matter because ignorance is not alwaysRead MoreEuthanasia Organ Donation And The Effects On Organ Shortages1679 Words   |  7 PagesENG106 Professor Tiedt Euthanasia Organ Donation and the Effects on Organ Shortages â€Å"The shortages in transplantable organs worldwide not only leads to unnecessary death, but also to grave human right abuses though illegal methods of procuring organs† (Statz, 2006, p. 1).With the decrease in solid organs available, the demand for organs increase and fail to meet the needs of patients facing organ failure. The only options to receive an organ includes receiving an organ from a family member, begin turningRead MoreThe Sources And Outcomes Of The Gift Of Life Essay1509 Words   |  7 PagesThe Sources and Outcomes of the Gift of Life. Organ donations stimulate positivity for the terminally ill despite all the challenges that derive prior. It can persevere the gift of life or duration period of time. The transplantation industry process may have a divine outcome before it withstands various undergoes. Organ donation sources may not be measured according to the demand or advantages, the transplantation organ shortage obstacles, independent characteristics or incentives, or social costRead MoreOrgan Transplantation : Medical Advancements1104 Words   |  5 PagesDanica Smith Final Paper Outline Organ Transplantation Due to the increase in medical technology over the years, medical advancements, such as organ transplants, have grown in commonality. This has increased the number of patient who needs such care. The problem with organ transplants arises from the debate on the ethical way to distribute organs and how to combat the issue of a lack of organ donors. An ethical approach to solving these issues is to develop a system of equal access that reliesRead MoreOrgan Donation : Organ Donations Essay1323 Words   |  6 PagesPreviously organ donation has encountered organ donors and organ supply rejections. Organ donation challenges and demands decreased as the organ shortages increase over the years. Organ donation mission is to save many terminally ill recipients at the end stages of their lives, the significance of the organ donation is to give back to restore one’s quality of life. The ongoing issues may present an idealistic portrait of how these issues may be resolved. As a result o rgan donation mission is to

Migrant Hostel And 10 Mary Street - 1258 Words

An individual s sense of belonging is determined not only by their own choices but also attitudes of others. Belonging is the connection to person place, or thing. Belonging can have a positive impacts for example, immigrants arriving in a new country and bad examples can include someone blending into a bad population. Poems Migrant Hostel and 10 Mary Street portray belonging via literary techniques by Peter Skrzynecki, and also The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan convey belonging and how ones choices and attitudes of others affect the sense of acceptance. Migrant Hostel includes poet Skrzynecki and his family living in a hostel along with other Polish migrants, Peter Skrzynecki documents his experiences, as well as the†¦show more content†¦The objective was to establish a comparison between Polish migrants and birds such as pigeons. Birds are free and accepted in their micro communities, unlike Skrzynecki whom is isolated from belonging. The poet struggles to find a sense of belonging, using the technique irony to highlight his search for acceptance. Alternatively, another poetic technique can include imagery which is utilized in the line â€Å"A barrier at the main gate†. Skrzynecki thoroughly conveys the barricade that segregates the foreigners from Australian society. This leads to separation of the Migrants and the rest of the local Australian society being an example of racism at the poets time. The poet, Peter Skrzynecki adequately applies techniques to convey belonging in order to encourage society to accept migrants who have already experienced hardship. In summary, Skrzynecki uses an array of techniques to evoke the search of belonging to the readers. The poem ’10 Mary Street’ by Peter Skrzynecki portrays a sense of acceptance to place as he feels a bond to his childhood home which offered him stability in a new environment . The poem by Skrzynecki conveys feelings to readers received from the place of his memories, in the home. The poet utilizes literary technique personification, which allows the audience to visualize his admirable home. This is demonstrated in the quote â€Å"The house stands in its China blue coat – with paint guaranteed for another 10 years†. The notionShow MoreRelatedAnalysis of Peter Skrynecki ´s Migrant Hostel and 10 Mary Street643 Words   |  3 Pagesplace. In Peter Skrzynecki’s poetry, particularly â€Å"Migrant Hostel† and â€Å"10 Mary Street† we witness an individual’s experience of segregation to eventual connection in the world they live. Skrzynecki’s insightful poem â€Å"Migrant Hostel† explores the notion of impermanence and uncertainty in an individual’s experience where stability is essential to develop an identity and sense of belonging. The poem illustrates the disorientating nature of a migrant hostel where the people within yearn for sanctuary inRead MoreBelonging Essay1459 Words   |  6 Pagesexperience some significant moments in time as it shapes and develops our understanding of belonging. This is captured in the poems of Peter Skrzynecki’s, ‘Migrant Hostel’, ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’ and ’10 Mary Street’ using poetic techniques such as, similes, metaphors, alliteration and imagery. Skrzynecki captures the disconnection and isolation of the migrants experience and that of his family in particular. However in Anh Do’s biography, ‘The Happiest Refugee’ he uses anecdotes, recounts, description andRead MoreBelonging Essay o f Skrzynecki and Lord of the Flies1379 Words   |  6 Pagesbelonging. The notion that a feeling of belonging depends on a strong relationship is explored in Peter Skrzynecki’s prose poetry anthology Immigrant Chronicle (1975) – in particular the poems ‘Migrant Hostel’ in which the persona and his family struggle to gain lasting relationships at the hostel, and ’10 Mary Street’, the persona’s childhood home, in which strong familial relationships were forged – and William Golding’s prose fiction text Lord of the Flies (1958), in which a group of school boys strandedRead MoreBelonging English Exam Notes1911 Words   |  8 PagesCreative Writing Belonging Essay 1. The Immigrant Chronicles- Peter Skrzynecki Migrant Hostel * Portrays emotions surrounding the experience of migrants in detainment after their arrival in Australia. THIRD STANZA. Technique: Simile- capering the migrants to.. Example: â€Å"birds of passage† who were â€Å"always sensing a change in the weather† Effect: emphasises the absence of a stanle fixed home for the migrants. They feel they do not belong in their current location. They are also â€Å"uncertain†Read MoreHindi Nibandh on Advantages of Mobile and Disadvantage17790 Words   |  72 Pagesthat for some of the questions, more than one of the choices could conceivably answer the question. However, you are to choose the best answer; that is, the response that most accurately and completely answers the question. Passage for Questions 1 to 10 In 1954, a Bombay economist named A.D. Shroff began a Forum of Free Enterprise, whose ideas on economic development were somewhat at odds with those then influentially articulated by the Planning Commission of the Government of India. Shroff complained

Analysis Of The Power Of Introverts free essay sample

Chains main argument States that introverts are frequently deemed less valuable in workplace and classroom settings, in part, due to their inherent aversion to increased social stimulation; whereas, extroverts, ho crave this stimulation are considered ideal employees. Cain asserts that society idea of extroverts being absolute because of their naturally outgoing nature and their predilection toward group-work, unfairly gives them the advantage over introverts in settings such as the workplace.Cain insists introverts ultimately have the same, if not more potential to achieve success, they just possess an affinity towards independent studies and are noticeably more shy by nature, which should not discredit their value to society or leadership capabilities. Cain recognizes the need for a balance of people from OTOH ends of the spectrum to cultivate a creative and successful society, and is not campaigning against extroverts.She is simply imploring Americans to stop adhering to the habits primarily displayed by extroverts in todays workplaces. Stating that, by allowing introverts to comfortably work within their zone of stimulation without judgment, and likewise allowing extroverts to do the same, we create an environment where every individual can maximize their creative talents. (Cain,2012) Cain uses a multitude of rhetorical devices to effectively persuade her audience that introverts are an integral set to society and they should be empowered not repressed.Starting with the introduction of the speech and throughout its entirety, Cain creates an ethical appeal to convince the audience she is credible enough to speak on introversion and to explore her ability to appeal to the audience as a whole, not just to the introverts. The first of many examples where Cain effectively achieved this outcome is during the opening story, where she describes a summer away at camp, and explains she arrived as a shy girl who preferred to read books as opposed to participating in group activities, and left a confused girl, very aware of how people perceive her introverted style of being.With the confession of her struggles at camp and a suitcase as a visual aid to add a persuasive dimension to her speech, she immediately gains the trust of her introverted audience by classifying herself as one within that example. However, she further explains that since leaving camp that year, she unwittingly abandoned her introverted ways to model herself after an extrovert throughout most of her adult lifer which eventually led to her successes as a Wall Street attorney. This caused her to appeal to people in the audience who were on the other end of the spectrum, who might have initially been skeptical of the direction her speech.Thi s rhetorical tactic prevents Cain from alienating extroverts in the audience while simultaneously staying true to her position. She continues to impress the opposition with the use of ethos by admitting that some of the most cherished people in her life are extroverts, further adding to her fair mindedness on the subject and maintaining balance and trust from her audience. The interest and respect of her audience peaks once she integrates social appeal to bolster her ethical appeal, by way of summarizing the work of Carl Jung, the psychologist who first popularized the terms extrovert and introvert. She explains that his scholarly research concludes that there is no such thing as a pure introvert or a pure extrovert. She credits him to saying that, Such a man would be in a lunatic asylum, if he existed at all. (Cain, 201 2) Using logical evidence from a credible source, she again eliminates any opportunity the audience may have initially had to assume her position wasnt relevant to them, clarifying that everyone in the audience, is in fact, her intended audience by definition.Another example of how Cain validates her credibility to the audience is towards the end of the speech when she explains how her permanent, yet voluntary sabbatical from practicing law, led to the publication of her book titled, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Cant Stop Talking. She confesses that her segue from attorney to author was extremely satisfying and successful because of a deliberate choice to abandon methods she was encouraged to practice in her previous career as a means to accomp lishing tasks; tasks typically congruent to those who display heartsickness of an extrovert, such as constantly working in groups.By actively adapting to her need for a more independent working environment, and embracing a zone of stimulation more compatible with her introverted nature, she Was allowed to work freely without the restraints Of a contrived workplace, thus elevating her creativity and productivity, likewise her overall happiness. This section of the speech is a particularly crucial moment for Cain, because this is where she efficiently establishes her credibility on the subject of introversion through her subtle yet powerful acknowledgement of err recent literary accomplishments. This allows Cain to establish herself as someone worth listening to. Moreover, this is the portion of the speech where she displays positive results on what is obviously a systematic plan designed to convince the audience that her character is important to her argument. She ensures that her character IS perceived as a valuable influence by modestly narrating her personal experience from a time when the societal norm for producing results in the workplace wasnt conducive to her introverted lifestyle; her capability to convey that she has a close association o the topic is realized.She then further expands on her ethical appeal by confessing that when it was time to share her book with the world, she struggled to revert back to traits customary of an extrovert, such as utilizing public speaking as a forum. Despite her struggles she persevered in efforts to introduce her angle of vision. Her clear recognition of a need for the alternative position, which in this case is the strategies p romoted by extroverts to function productively in the workplace, effectively maintains respect from her extroverted audience.Cain subtly concedes to the strengths f the opposition to build the audiences trust and to give her the opportunity to point out its flaws. Duplicitous, she injects her personal mistrust in society ability to implement balance between the two positions and later elaborates on the oppositions limitations, specifically, in relation to introverts. In addition to her skillful use of ethical appeal, she compounds logical approach to deepen the persuasive capabilities of her thesis.The logical structure is clear throughout her speech, and her calculated balance between quality and quantity of evidence is appropriate. For instance, Cain begins the body of her speech by introducing a statistic that estimates a third to a half of the population are introverts. Immediately proclaiming, So thats one out of every two or three people you know. So even if youre an extrovert yourself, Im talking about your coworkers and your spouses and your children and the person sitting next to you right now all of them subject to this bias that is pretty deep and real in our society. (Cain, 2012) Cain delivers the statistic confidently and with au thority despite the fact she never divulges the source to which her data can be accredited. She immediately shifts her voice to reflect an intimate tone when she connects the statistic to people in the audiences lives to assimilate the information. Chains statistic blatantly lacks substantial proof. Likewise creates opportunity for the audience to assume, based on mathematics alone, the majority of the population are extroverts. Or worse, to hypothesize that if the majority of people are extroverts, why is favoring their habits Wrong, further, why is it a debate?Her clever and immediate transition from logical to pathetic appeal distracts the audience from uncovering these fallacies. Using pathetic appeal to romanticizes unsound logic, allows Cain to divert the audiences attention away from the specifics of the statistic, and onto identifying how closely associated they are to the topic. Introducing this side issue successfully throws her audience off track by inciting unnecessary emotions about an otherwise less relevant point, eliminating the need to solidify her evidenc e.However, when researching the statistic, her estimation proves to be true, according to first official random sample by the Myers-Briggs organization in 1 998 showing Introverts 50. 7% and Extroverts 49. 3% of the U. S. Population. (Smith, 2014, Para. 3) The foundation of this specific rhetorical approach by is logos centered, but the ability for Chains argument to remain clear and appear soundly developed through the use of statistics, relies heavily on pathos. Pathetic appeal is exercised to indicate how the consequences of continuing to favor extroverts will eventually affect the lives of the audience and their loved one. Another way Cain uses logos in her speech is when she provides information gathered by researcher and professor, Adam Grant. She summarizes his work at the Wharton School when saying, Introverted adders often deliver better outcomes than extroverts do, because when they are managing proactive employees, theyre much more likely to let those employees run with their ideas, whereas an extrovert can, quite unwittingly, get so excited about things that theyre putting their own stamp on things, and other peoples ideas might not as easily then bubble up to the surface. (Cain, 2012) As Grant has more than seventy publications in leading management and psychology journals, his research appears Irrefutable to the audience, therefore establishing that Chains use of supporting evidence is inefficient to the persuasiveness of her speech. (Adam Grant Wisped, the free encyclopedia, 2014) She uses his credibility to further convince the audience of hers. While allowing the importance of her message to be advocated with the help of Grants accolades, she reiterates her assessment that introverts are commonly overlooked for leadership position, unjustly.Cain uses a similar logical approach in her speech when she provides examples of introverted leaders throughout history. She lists Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Gandhi as examples of transformation leaders who animally relate to introverted qualities such as shyness, but nevertheless, boldly took the spotlight, when critical. (Cain, 2012) Cain chooses these famous introverts logically and used their successes to endorse her thesis. She sets a precedent of notable people who maximized their creative talents working by within a zone of stimulation desirable to them.Cain doesnt explain in great detail how Roosevelt, Parks and Sandhogs achievements explicitly help advocate her argument, however, she refers to them with such admiration in a manner that allows their reputations to precede them. Although typically synonymous with fallacies Of an ethical nature, this appeal to false authority aids Chains logical approach favorable. Much the same as Cain successfully employs the use of logos; her prudent plan to incorporate pathetic appeal achieves equal results.This is evident when she elaborates further on the previously mentioned story of her summer away at camp. Towards the end of her speech she shows the audience what is inside the suitcase she used a visual aid to enhance her camp story. And surprise, its books. However, Cain admits they arent her books, but some of her grandfathers favorites. Cain then lovingly describes her grandfather as a rabbi who lived alone in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, spending most of his time reading and passionately formulating sermons so inspiring, people would come from all over to hear them.She goes on say, But heres the thing about my grandfather. Underneath this ceremonial role, he was really modest and really introverted so much so that when he delivered these sermons, he had trouble making eye contact with the very same congregation that he had been speaking to for 62 years. But when he died at the age of 94, the police had to close down the streets of his spinsterhood to accommodate the crowd of people who came out to mourn him. (Cain, 2012) Cain then relates the struggles her grandfather faced when speaking to his congregation to her similar dilemma of preparing to advocate her book through public forums such as TED talks, as it doesnt come natural to her, either. This nostalgic story is probably Chains most effective use of pathetic appeal in her speech. As it is natural to feel strong emotions about tragedies and victories, Cain uses her experiences with these topics to manipulate the audience away from logic allowing them to think notionally about her argument.She conveys strong feelings through her words and noticeably chokes up when she speaks of her grandfathers passing thus creating emotional goodwill from the audience. Not only does she provoke the audience to grant her sympathy, but again invites them to assimilate her grandfather to someone in their own lives, which allows the audiences association to her overall message to once again become personal. This results in Cain swaying the audiences emotions favorably to her side, allowing them to see the benefits in her proposed adaptations in oracles, as it applies to introverts.In addition to her ability to elicit emotion through storytelling, Cain effectively utilizes visual aids to e nhance her overall pathetic appeal. Cain gives the audience a glimpse into her life when she reveals her suitcase is full of books, which confirms shes still that shy, introverted girl from camp, who just wants to read. All the rhetorical tactics Cain uses throughout her speech come together to provide support when she reaches her carotid moment in the final minutes. The culmination of her entire speech leaves the audience with three calls to action.Cain urges the audience to stop the madness for group work, unplug once in a while to get inside their heads, and lastly to take a look at whats inside their suitcases and why they put it there. Chains belief and hope that she persuaded the audience to share her vision is the driving force that inspires her to encourage them to react, specifically in those three ways. (Cain, 2012) The rhetorical complexity of Chains speech allows her to build her inductive argument successfully. Specifically, how she continuously infused emotional personal anecdotes into her evidence-based arguments.

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Speech Rhetoric and Total Course Grade free essay sample

We communicate est. by choosing that way of speaking that is informed by the particularity and uniqueness of whom we are speaking to and with. -bell hooks Course Description This course is designed as an introduction to the study of the human communication process with an emphasis on effective public communication. The course includes intensive practice in public speaking, reasoning, critical thinking, and critical listening. Speech 101 is an essential general education course teaching effective use and understanding of written and spoken forms of communication. Required Textbook Devote, J. 003) The essential elements of public speaking. Boston: Allan Bacon. Student Learning Objectives This course is designed to give students the basic skills needed to survive in the realm of public speaking. Ideally, students will be more comfortable speaking In front of an audience learning to use such tools as visual aids and eye contact. Students will develop effective listening, thinking, and analytical skills while learning to accurately and clearly convey messages in a public venue. We will write a custom essay sample on Speech: Rhetoric and Total Course Grade or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The course will focus not only on major principles from the text and lectures, but on the importance of organization, research, and responsibility. Students are intended to leave this course with positive feelings toward public speaking and will be able to effectively use and Course Requirements Speaking Assignments and Outlines ; There will be 5 formal graded speech presentations. Three presentations, the process, the informative and the persuasive, must be accompanied by an outline. The outline must be turned in on the day you are assigned to speak and must be in correct outline format (to be discussed in class). You will not be permitted to speak if you do not provide an outline BEFORE you deliver your speech.Finally, topics for each speech must be approved by me at least ONE WEEK BEFORE speeches begin. Specific speech guidelines will be given out in class, however, brief explanations of each assignment follows: 1. Narrative Speech: This is a 2-4 minute speech in which you tell a story from your life experience(s). This speech is a way for you to introduce yourself to the class and begin public speaking. This speech should make you more comfortable with your surroundings making speech class manageable. This speech is worth 50 points of your total course grade. . Process Speech This is a 3-5 minute speech, accompanied by a formal outline, where you will demonstrate how to do something or explain how something operates. This speech and outline is worth 100 points of your total course grade. 3. Cultural Informative Speech: This is a 5-7 minute speech, accompanied by a formal outline, in which you inform your audience about a culture different from your own. You might focus on a cultural event, value, ritual, politics, art, etc. This speech and outline is worth 200 points of your total course grade. 4.Oral Interpretation: This is a 3-5 minute presentation that focuses on dynamic performance. The overall emphasis of this speech is delivery and your ability to interpret and convey a message clearly. An original introduction is required for this speech. This presentation is worth 100 points of your total course grade. 5. Persuasive Speech: This 6-8 minute speech, accompanied by a formal outline, focuses on argument and reasoning and should be designed to persuade the audience for or against a question of policy using Monomers Motivated Sequence (to be explained in class).You will be expected to advance formal claims and support them with evidence and reasoning. Further, each student will be cross-examined by the class *Speech Grading: Speaking assignments and outlines are graded on substance, organization, language, and delivery. Should a student fail to appear in class the day they are assigned to speak, the student will forfeit the credit and grade associated with the speech. In other words, an unexcused absence on your assigned speech day will result in a ZERO for that assignment. Documented illness or emergencies are the only exceptions to this policy!! If one of these situations occurs, you must contact me immediately to not be penalized. NO MAKE-UP work will be accepted without proper documentation and communication with me. Self Evaluation Papers: You will complete two self evaluation papers designed to enhance your public speaking skills. Due dates for these papers are listed in the tentative schedule, however, exact assignments guidelines will be announced later in class.Papers will be approximately two pages in length (typed) and will require students to critique and view their speeches on video; you will need access to a VS. and your own VS. tape to complete these papers. Each paper is worth 25 points for a total of 50 points f your total course grade. Reading Quizzes: Pop quizzes, based on assigned reading material only, will be given randomly over the course of the semester and will be graded on a pass/fail basis. These quizzes will be given at the very beginning of some or all classes; times and dates to be determined by me.There are no make-ups for the reading quizzes; if you are absent on the day of a reading quiz, you will receive an F for that quiz. Quizzes are worth 100 points of your total course grade and will be calculated as follows: No Failing Grades: One Failing Grade: Two Failing Grades: A (100 points) B (85 points) C (75 points) Three or more Failing Grades: F (points to be determined) Final Project: There will be a 50 point final that takes place during the week of May 12-19, 2005. The exact assignment will be discussed later in the semester.Attendance and Participation: In a course like this, attendance and participation are essenti al being that presenting, responding, and listening to other speeches happens within scheduled points possible for class participation and these points will be reduced based on your verbal participation, nonverbal participation, and attendance overall. Also, remoteness is expected of every student especially on speech days. If you should happen to be late (which should not be often) please wait outside until you hear applause.Tardiness does not sit well with me! Academic Honesty: The maintenance of academic integrity and quality education is the responsibility of each student within this college. Cheating or plagiarism is an offense for which a student will fail the course and possibly be expelled or suspended by the college. Additional Notes: 1. I reserve the right to adjust final course grades, both up and down, on the basis of your citizenship. 2. If you are taking this course credit/no credit, then you must earn at least 700 points in order to get credit for the course. . NO MAKE-UP work will be accepted and NO MAKE-UP quizzes will be given. 4. Homework and Credit/No Credit assignments may be given randomly throughout the semester and will count toward your class participation points. If you are absent when these assignments are assigned they, cannot be made up you will forfeit the points. 5. I do not accept assignments or submit final grades to students via email. Workload: This course is designed according to the standard of the Carnegie unit and in accordance with the VOICE policy.

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Guidelines to Writing a Good Research Essay on Political Science

Guidelines to Writing a Good Research Essay on Political ScienceTo write a good research essay on political science, the following guidelines can be used. First, you need to decide how much time you have for writing your research essay and the topic of your essay. Next, you need to write it down. Finally, you need to edit and proofread your writing.The first guideline to writing a good research essay on political science is to have time to write it down. This means you need to know the deadline for your assignment. You also need to make sure you set a budget for this assignment. This means you need to know how much money you have. If you need to get extra money to finish this assignment, be aware that you may lose some credibility as a student. Therefore, think of ways to save money and work smarter instead of harder.Next, the topic of your research essay should be clear to you. For example, if you are writing about the changing political culture in the United States, it is best to c hoose a broad topic that has a lot of implications. If you are only a single year or one semester away from graduation, it is best to choose a more specific topic. However, if you are unsure of the best topic, choose a broader topic and work it from there.Once you know the topic of your research essay, you need to start writing. There are some great resources available to help you with this step. Some of these resources include research centers, home study courses, online courses, and even course packs. However, these resources may not be right for every person. In order to choose the right resources, it is best to do some research.Most importantly, you need to decide the specific research topics that you want to tackle in your research essay on political science. Therefore, try to find some research topics that are related to the topic of your research essay on political science. Make sure to write about these topics at least twice to get a general idea of what you need to write ab out.Another important thing to remember is to always proofread your paper before you submit it. It is best to re-read the paper a few times to make sure that the points you wrote on your paper are accurate. Also, it is best to read the paper and write about it again to make sure that the information in your paper is accurate.Finally, you need to spend time editing and revising your writing. The reason for this is because the research paper you write will be one of the most important documents that you ever finish. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the information you write about is accurate. It is also important to write about the topics you were instructed to write about. Remember that if you do not write about the topics you were instructed to write about, you will lose credibility as a student.The above-mentioned guidelines can be used to write a good research essay on political science. Remember that if you follow these guidelines, you will be able to finish your rese arch papers on time. Good luck!